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Dear clients.

We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded with two rewards, one being the Rethink Hotel prize as one of the 10 best and most sustainable reforms in Spain with the support of the World Tourism Organization, the office of climate change and the state secretary of tourism.

And on the other hand, with a recognition (unique in Spain) from Carrier for our advance in the elimination of the CO2 footprint.

These awards are the result of our implication with the environment and our small contribution against climate change.

With this announcement we would like to share with you our advances and improvements and make you participants of them, as they lead to the securing of a quality product for our clients, which at the same time is committed to our planet.

Awards Hotel Grand Teguise Playa


Company Policies and Sustainability

The Hotel Grand Teguise Playa works every day to develop its business in an increasingly responsible way with the environment and the community

To this end, our hotel has action plans that focus on three main areas: environment, society and human team.

We invite you to know the commitments and objectives that the Hotel Grand Teguise Playa has set itself in each of these areas.